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VDS with biometric data

Our Software Solution: Ticketing

Visible Digital Seal with Biometrics (VDS BIO) revolutionizes document security by integrating biometric data into the Visible Digital Seal. This innovation effectively protects against forgeries and facilitates unambiguous verification of the owner's identity via smartphone.

With VDS BIO, your documents are secure and tamper-proof – for utmost authenticity in the digital world.


Tamper-proof by leveraging Visible Digital Seal (VDS) technology with the integration of biometrics


Precise identity verification of the document holder through integrated biometric data


Worldwide verifiability of a document's authenticity and ownership with standard smartphones

Cryptographically protected data

Visible Digital Seals (VDS) for Documents

Our Software Solution: Visible Digital Seals (VDS) for Documents

Our Visible Digital Seals (VDS) revolutionize the protection of important documents , such as travel documents or patient IDs.

They consist of cryptographically signed data structures , encoded in barcodes like QR codes.


Worldwide verifiability with standard smartphones


ECDSA signature and asymmetric cryptography prevent data manipulation


Patented technology: Integration of biometric data into barcodes for secure & anonymous verification through our VDS BIO

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Counterfeit-proof product marking

TRUSTCODE® Product Protection

Our Software Solution: TRUSTCODE® Product Protection

With our TRUSTCODE® platform , we assemble tailor-made solutions for your products from our modular system of security markings and digital services:


Diverse digital codings and digital services such as Track & Trace and gray market recognition to protect your products


Digital product and service experiences for your customers


Productivity increase in After Sales and Quality Management through lean-digital optimization of your processes


New market transparency by collecting market data and information directly from the product

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Customer loyalty with Web3

NFT Membership System

Our Software Solution: Customer Loyalty with Web3

Our NFT-based membership system protects the identity of your customers, while also serving as an access key for events and giving members the freedom to manage their property as they see fit.


Complete offer: From design to software & app development to the integration of payment service providers


Customized solutions for brand strengthening and customer loyalty


Enhanced customer experience with physical membership cards

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Knowledge on demand, securely stored

Generative AI

Our Software Solution: Knowledge Insight Services

For businesses with extensive databases, such as product descriptions and user manuals, seeking access via chatbots, we offer our solution based on Generative AI.


Creation of knowledge databases with LLM technology for secure, company-internal chatbot queries


Internal, hybrid and cloud-based systems with training, own knowledge databases for specific subject areas


Management of the knowledge databases in the company for automated inquiries and order acceptance

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